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The road to luxury travel told by travel experts

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The road to luxury travel told by travel experts
What is luxury travel? Which are the best options for those interested in experiences that take their breath away? We believe the best answers to these questions are found in the words of those who customize, plan and work hard everyday in offering the best of the best in luxury travel: travel specialists.
Monica Varri told in a recent blog post to Travel Pulse that she carefully crafts travel experiences that deliver a personal touch to the customer.
When travelers are thousands of miles from home, I delight them with surprises tailored to their tastes and interests. Whether it be greeting guests with a basket of wine, chocolates and a personalized message, offering a complimentary pass to the spa, organizing an exclusive culinary excursion or arranging a private tour of the Sistine Chapel, every customized journey creates memories to cherish for a lifetime.” 
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