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Best Personalized Travel Experience…

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Best Personalized Travel Experience…

… Awarded to Lake Forest Travel Bureau!

We are proud to be featured in the Modern Luxury magazine as part of the Best of Culture & Society 2018.

Carefully curated adventures await those who vacation with Lake Forest Travel Bureau (One Westminster Place, Ste. 300, Lake Forest). Demonstrating that the devil really is in the details—with its extensive knowledge and impeccable client service—the family-run business, owned by Monica Varri, ensures that every element is attended to and delivered with a personal touch. “When travelers are thousands of miles from home, their travel advisors delight them with surprises tailored to their tastes and interests,” shares Varri. Trending destinations include safaris in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, Northern Lights viewing and glacier treks in Iceland, and around-the-world cruises. Varri adds, “These cruises are in high demand, and we chart once-in-a-lifetime luxury experiences with upscale cruise partners.” –TG

The digital version of the magazine is available here.