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The 7 wonders of Virtuoso travel advisors:

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The 7 wonders of Virtuoso travel advisors:

It’s that time of the year when people and places come together in a state of wonder, relaxation, and mindfulness. You start thinking of unknown territories willing to explore each and every corner of the world. There are so many options and lands to be seen and so little time to sort places out and decide which is your best travel destination. Plan with your travel advisor in mind and you’ll live your travel dreams!

Each day of this week has assigned a travel specialist with its best travel destinations and ideas at your fingertips. Just click on their profile and contact them by email or phone if you have any questions or would like to be advised on your next travel adventure.


Monday: everything Europe and South America

Helen is a specialist in travel to everything Europe, especially Switzerland and South America.

Tuesday: USA national parks and Disney

If you are planning a family trip to Disney you should contact Dyane who will help with best family deals!

If you are going to explore nature and USA national parks your contact person is Marylou.

Wednesday: Italy

Discover Bella Italia with Monica who will show you a side of Europe even most locals never dream of!

Thursday: Africa and Australia

If you plan to visit the Red Sea reef, Sahara desert or Wild African Safaris ask Erica how she can help design the trip of your lifetime! Moreover, she can assist exploring Australia with its gorgeous beaches and the Great Barrier Reef, a must see destination. Tanzania

Friday: Caribbean islands and Bahamas

Have you ever wondered exploring the beautiful islands in the Caribbean? Your best connection to start with is Gwen. If you plan to visit Bahamas contact Wendy.

Saturday: New Zealand

When you are planning your trip to New Zealand you may not know where to begin. Erica will help you get started on your next paradise adventure.

Sunday: Myanmar, Bhutan and India

There is so much value hidden in cultural differences, traditions and customs of these wonderful countries. Embark on a journey which can bring you peace and tranquility. Erica can help!