Denise Schwab, CTA

Luxury Travel Advisor

Denise Schwab, CTA

Denise has had a passion for travel since birth. After a lifetime of traveling the globe (as a child, adult and mother of four children), Denise realized the impact that her travels had on her life, that she had been enriched in ways that she would never have imagined. "Travel connects me to the history, the arts, culture, nature and most importantly, it connects me to people...those from other areas of the world and especially to those with whom I travel."

Denise's passion to help others share in the amazing enrichment of travel led her to found Passionate Pursuits Travel, LLC. Her commitment is to provide customized experiences that offer the greatest Return on Life. Denise's services, experience, passion and accessibility go beyond that of a typical travel agent.


Denise is simply the best. Always goes the extra mile when responding to our questions and needs for assistance. Denise is polite, friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable with all processes involving international and domestic travel.
Steve | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Made all arrangements, had wheelchairs at each transfer. Every thing was arranged so we never had to worry about anything. She is the best!
DUANE and Janet Wise | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Denise coordinated all details for our month in SE Asia and we are so grateful for her! We loved every hotel recommendation and the transfers were all seamless. She even suggested different islands and locations which I appreciated. She was very quick to respond (no matter what time it was!) and very patient. We will use her again!
BB | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Denise gets adventure travel! Our Croatian bike trip could not have been more terrific. All the details were thought of up and came off without a hitch. Can’t wait to get traveling again. Also, her planning for Florence was wonderful. Really want to go back.
Jocko | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Outstanding! She makes travel as easy as it can be. Every detail is attended to. The suggestions for shore excursions were bang on for us. In addition she was the Virtuoso host. In that role she was really great. She went the extra mile by making sure we knew virtually all our fellow Virtuoso travelers. She had dinner with almost everyone and was very visible on the ship.
Gung-ho | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Denise made our trip amazing. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and we are so grateful for her expertise. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a fantastic vacation.
MIke | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Working with Denise was a pleasure. She proved to be valuable resource to make our cruise and shore leave as enjoyable as possible. Services included were, booking the cruise, providing advice about what was available and insights to shore excursions, hosting Virtuoso events, booking stays and services at the beginning and end of the cruise. She was well organized and prepared to work with us.
Carroll | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Another incredible trip under our belt made possible by the guidance of Denise Schwab. Arrangements were perfect, and special accommodations for traveling with a toddler were made ahead of time. Denise is always extremely organized, professional, and knowledgeable when it comes to international travel! No doubt we will continue to plan and book all our adventures exclusively with Denise.
Steiner | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Denise, Set up the travel, hotels, tours and details for our recent trip to Italy. She did a terrific job, every detail was right on the mark not a hitch and we had the best time. the hotels were the best places we have ever stayed. The travel was easy and the timing was right every time. Drivers and tours were great. I would recommend Denise to anyone and everyone. For a good time call Denise
Ray & Vick | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Flights to and from Africa. Excellent. Very responsive and accurate. Looked for best price and times for flights.
Zion | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Denise is a true professional. She planned our South American cruise down to the smallest detail. Her follow up in the planning process was superb. Her selection of shore excursions couldn’t have been better. Her attention to our budget was perfect as well. She is our Travel Planner for life!
Denise | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
I have never seen the combination of incredible attention to detail and amazing creativity. She's so professional. Everything was smooth as silk. Will definitely call her again. Virtuoso amenities are wonderful.
Jocko | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Denise was excellent to work with! The itinerary, hotels, tour guides, travel arrangements, everything was great. Thank you.
M | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Fantastic Fashion Week in NYC. Denise is always spot on in her recommendations. Every hotel she has ever booked me into around the globe has been excellent. Her care to detail from making sure my room preferences are met to texting and/or emailing me just prior to my trip to make sure I am on top of all the details. I have recommended her to many and without exception everyone has thanked me for that recommendation.
Alwaystime4travel | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
The key word for Denise is THOROUGH. She leaves no stone unturned in planning a trip. She believes she is creating memories for her clients and has only the highest of standards. She also is budget conscious. Her followup is unparalleled. She is the only advisor we'll ever use.
Gung Ho | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Denise is a professional, knowledgeable and flexible travel advisor. She gets back to you in a timely fashion and offers you a variety of choices when you select a destination. She is very patient in answering questions and offers suggestions when you are trying to make decisions. I highly recommend her for all of your travel needs.
Bookworm | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Denise helped us plan an incredible trip to Europe. It was my first time going overseas, and I am so grateful she had everything all planned out and taken care of for us! We were fully prepared, and owe that all to Denise! She made sure we knew local customs, currencies, and must-sees in each city we visited. She was also readily available not just in the weeks leading up to our travel, but during as well. She is dependable, friendly, extremely well-organized, and comprehensive. We will absolutely continue to book all of our vacations through Passionate Pursuits Travel!
EvanS | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Denise's recommendations could not have been better. We stayed at two properties on this vacation, both were fabulous, and couldn't be better situated as far as location. She is one of the better travel agents have ever worked with. She knows her stuff but is not pushy. Denise is efficient, thorough, professional and courteous. I would highly recommend her and will be using her again.
Anastasia | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Denise is the ultimate travel agent, she was concerned for every detail and did well in putting it all together. She also helped plan our 6-week in Europe trip last summer. We stayed at great hotels and all flights were well arranged.
Pjg | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Denise was amazing and helped plan the most unbelievable honeymoon for us in St. Lucia! We could not have asked for better service or a better trip. It was the vacation of a lifetime and Denise helped make that happen!
honeymooner1216 | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Denise makes the planning and booking of a major trip so easy. Many issues come up and she knows how to handle most of them immediately, or in some cases, she says she doesn't know and gets back to us with the answers. She has an easy manner about learning your preferences and adapting the itinerary to complement them. I recommend her to all my friends.
Old Fart | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Denise is the best. She planned a 2-week European trip between Spain and Italy for us. One of the highlights of the trip was surely our stay in Tuscany at Castello del Nero, a Virtuoso spot. The hospitality and service, amenities, views, food and most definitely the wine are all incredible! Her attention to detail combined with her knowledge made it an unforgettable experience. We cannot thank Denise enough for planning the trip of a lifetime!
Jack15 | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
We wanted a two week cruise in the Caribbean with a variety and exciting destinations. We did not want to worry about the many complex details to make this happen, such as travel connections, shore excursions, insurance, documents and payment schedules. She handled all of these, involving us only when there were decisions to be made and after she had carefully examined and presented the alternatives. That made it quite easy for us, and allowed us to enjoy the anticipation of a great cruise without any hassle. The trip went off very smoothly, so her planning proved to be excellent in the execution.
Old Fart | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Denise did a wonderful job of lining everything up and that is to her we got a great room w fabulous view. breakfast included and a $100 hotel refund Loved the Ojai Inn and spa. and the town. great restaurants in Ojai and neighboring town which is 5 minutes away. Not golf this time around. but course looked stunning the service and staff and the Inn were all great.
Meggie | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Denise planned our honeymoon for us and we are so happy that we were referred to her by friends. She was incredibly informative and made the planning process very enjoyable. She was always quick to respond and was very patient when we needed time to make decisions. We are looking forward to using Denise's services again. We spent 7 nights at Secrets Royal Beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and had the blissful, luxurious week we had envisioned for our honeymoon. We felt very prepared upon landing in Punta Cana and had no issues/confusion during our week. We met some couples who had the "honeymoon package" but nobody had the extensive package that Denise found for us. Her attention to detail helped make an already amazing week, extra special. Thank you Denise!
Todd and Natalee | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Traveling on both sides of Thanksgiving could have been a nightmare. It wasn't because of well selected flights and departure times. I didn't swear at TSA once! Excellent planning.
Old Farters | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
Denise planned a Backroads biking trip starting in Barcelona We rode for 5 days in the Pyrenees ending at an incredible inn on the Costa Brava. All the accommodations were superb. She did a great job making this trip both affordable and memorable. Would not think of taking another trip without her assistance. Would certainly recommend Denise.
Jackie | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA
We started planning a trip to Italy 2 years ago and reached out to Denise to help us. We wanted to include an experience in a Tuscan Villa during the vacation. Denise provided expert advice with extensive supportive information including comprehensive reviews and descriptions of hotels and properties. She communicated with us frequently and was always on the ball regarding the important deadlines for decision making, payment, etc. She worked tirelessly on arranging all of our tours and transfers to assure as smooth and hassle free trip as possible. English speaking guides were arranged for all important transfer points and the tours. I will definitely use Denise again for my vacation planning.
jpg | Agent: Denise Schwab, CTA